In summer 2000, an old Levi shop just off the West End, next to the May department store, was transformed into a record-shop-cum-internet-cafe called Plastic Fantastic and is linked to the Covent Garden record shop of the same name.


timthumb-3At the end of winter 2001, Colin Butts puts his recording studio in the unused space at the back of the shop, along with a low-key, trendy little bar, aimed at ‘in-the-know’ workers keen to escape the madness of the West End, which Andy Matthews joins as a partner to run.

It opens June 1st 2002 and at is called @the studio but everyone still calls it “Plastic” so the following name it’s spelt with a “k” so as not to confuse it with its previous incarnation as Plastic Fantastic. The record shop is still there but the Internet café goes and the bar takes over most of the location. Plastik pioneers the first DJ competitions for workers and holidaymakers and Dermot C joins the team.

Between 2004-2006 the bar starts to take over the whole shop. At first the DJ stand is built behind the old record shop counter but then that counter becomes the main bar and a purpose built DJ stand is erected.

In 2005, the recording studio goes and a terrace is made out the back. Plastik starts hosting pre-parties for the likes of Hed Kandi and Miss Moneypenny’s. The bar starts to attract a lot of press with its “Lounge Bar Revolution” and “Changing the face of San Antonio” marketing campaigns. Some of the smarter bar owners in the West End realise that the days when they can just open their doors without investing any money in their premises and relying on offering cheap and nasty spirits to get the 547168_465050040187755_199925620033533_1759547_463698680_nBrits as pissed as possible are coming to an end, so a rash of other lounge type bars start to open.

It soon becomes clear that despite the bar’s efforts the West End’s reputation is going to prove problematic to the direction the bar wants to take. Despite this, Plastik is nominated as bar of the year in the prestigious DJ Awards held at Pacha, unheard of for a West End bar. When the landlord expresses his desire to knock down the bar to re-develop, the decision is made to find a new location the following summer so the bar can evolve to the next stage in its growth.

2007 sees the birth of the new Plastik in its current location. The bar is an immediate success and the VIP area behind the DJ stand begins attracting an increasing number of VIP and celebrity guests by. The bar’s efforts to improve the image of San Antonio 251955_465050400187719_465580688_nis reflected by Pete Tong moving his Wonderland night to Eden and Ibiza Rocks opening their hotel in San Antonio.

Since then, Plastik has continued to re-invest and to try and up the bar every season. Plastik pioneered the change in San Antonio over 12 years ago and it is very satisfying to see other quality brands taking up the baton and joining our quest to make San Antonio a part of the island that any visitor to Ibiza wants to come to.